Meet Meg

Food Allergy Partners is led by Meg Nohe. At one year old, Meg's oldest child was diagnosed with several life-threatening food allergies. She has dedicated her business and career to helping others take charge of their food allergies and intolerances. 

Meg is celebrated for her "silver lining" approach to food allergy management. She encourages her clients to educate themselves and seek the positive post diagnosisfor her family, it was discovering their love for cooking together and testing out a variety of different foods and ingredients in their own kitchen.

Meg is a Certified AllerCoach and passionate food allergy advocate. She has spent the past decade working in the healthcare field in medical sales and education, clinical product launch and business development. She currently works at Allergy Amulet as the Director of Strategic Development. Meg is a trained journalist and loves any opportunity to give a voice to food allergy awareness. She is extremely active in the Kansas City food allergy community, and has served on boards for both FARE and Centerview Food Allergy Management. Meg is the author of the state of Kansas food allergy proclamation week.